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Join us to experience this magical retreat in the most desired tourist destination in Bali

Events Yogi's Garden

Classes & Workshops

We offer opportunities to experience Balinese culture with hands-on workshops and excursions led by local experts. Wander down an arborway covered in passionfruit vines to help out in the garden, or take one of our many classes or workshops on cooking, gardening, and Balinese traditions and culture.

We strive to enhance your stay by providing a variety of activities and workshops around the farm and beyond.

Retreats & Trainings

You may be joining us as a student in a yoga teacher training, or perhaps on a personal retreat by yourself or with friends. If you are interested in advancing (or starting!) your yoga practice, we hold yoga foundations and advanced technique workshops, as well as pranayama/breathwork, meditation, dance, devotional music, and other methods of expanding your mind-body-spirit connection.