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Join us to experience this magical retreat in the most desired tourist destination in Bali

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Classes & Workshops

We offer opportunities to experience Balinese culture with hands-on workshops and excursions led by local experts. Wander down an arborway covered in passionfruit vines to help out in the garden, or take one of our many classes or workshops on cooking, gardening, and Balinese traditions and culture.

We strive to enhance your stay by providing a variety of activities and workshops around the farm and beyond.

Retreats & Trainings

You may be joining us as a student in a yoga teacher training, or perhaps on a personal retreat by yourself or with friends. If you are interested in advancing (or starting!) your yoga practice, we hold yoga foundations and advanced technique workshops, as well as pranayama/breathwork, meditation, dance, devotional music, and other methods of expanding your mind-body-spirit connection.

4-Day Silent Meditation and Yin Yoga Retreat with Hamid Ebadi

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June, 2nd – 5th 2023

July, 28th – 31th 2023

September, 14th – 17th 2023

November, 11th – 14th 2023


A four-day retreat dedicated to the practice of zazen (zen meditation), yin yoga, and mindful walks in tropical nature at Yogi’s Garden in the uplands North of Ubud.

This period of practice allows for and encourages a deeper connecting with one’s own heart and mind free from the distractions that seem to fill much of our everyday lives.

We find most of the answers we seek within, in the depths of our own being. When we feel into the experience of who we are with a silent and attentive mind we realize we are the very nature of awareness.

This period of practice offers the possibility of taking the inward step to reconnecting with the source of what is healing and nurturing in all of us and gaining some clarity about where we are rather than being concerned with where we need to go, what we need to become for to experience stillness and silence is to feel at times whole and complete.

Info & Registration:
WA: +351 911 066 286

Embrace Your Life WEB

A 5-Day Transformational Retreat to Recharge, Revitalize, and Rebuild

June 16th – 20nd, 2023 

by Bali Retreat 



Welcome to our transformative retreat “Embrace Your Life” at Yogi’s Garden from April 16th to 20th June. This 5-day retreat is designed to help you reconnect with your inner self, heal your mind and body, and embrace your life to the fullest.


Our Program

During this retreat, we have a carefully curated program that will help you delve deeper into your being. You will experience a range of practices and techniques that will help you connect with your inner self, release emotional and mental blockages, and rejuvenate your body. 


Full schedule here 


We are excited to have such amazing facilitators with us, and we are sure that their guidance and support will help you on your journey towards self-discovery and inner peace, and that you will receive some of the most beautiful experiences Bali and especially Ubud has to offer.


Join us at our “Embrace Your Life” retreat at Yogi’s Garden from April 16th to 20th June, and discover the beauty and magic of Bali while reconnecting with your inner self.


Info and Registration:

WA: +6281337758213


nervous system rewire july

Nervous System Rewire Retreat
Time & space to Restore, Rewire & Re-Set

July 9th – 16th 2023

The Yogi’s Garden, Bali



Our collective nervous system endured significant challenge these past few years.


At HELD we are passionate about offering spaces for people to come to Rest, Retreat & Re-Set their Nervous Systems while offering empowering self regulation practices to rebuild inner resilience & ensure ongoing regulation & well being in daily life.

Enjoy a week of nourishing practices, healing spa treatments, empowering nervous system education & deep rest. All nestled in nature’s restorative embrace, nurturing healing from the inside out.

· RECEIVE daily healing practices to rewire your nervous system & restore resilience

· NURTURE with soothing gentle yoga, massage, acupuncture, sauna & spa treatments

· NOURISH with organic garden to table meals fresh from the on-ground garden

· RESTORE in the quiet meditative, nature of Bali’s serene mountains & waterfalls

· EMPOWER with nervous system education to take your health back into your own hands

Rest, Replenish, Reflect, Restore & Re-Set
Emerging Renewed

Daily Nourishment :

· Gentle Soothing Morning Yoga – to Unwind, Refresh & Renew our Bodies & Minds

· Yin Yoga Therapy – to recharge Depleted Kidney Chi & Recharge the Body’s Battery

· Evening Restorative Yoga – to Calm, Ground & Deeply Restore our Lifeforce

· Self Regulation Practices – to tone the Vagus Nerve & Rewire Resilience & the healthy functioning of our        Nervous System 

· Yoga Nidra – for Deep Rest & Replenishment of all Dimensions of our Being.

· Nourishing Spa Treatments – Massage, Hot Stone Therapy, Acupuncture, CranioSacral Therapy, Ayurvedic Treatments, Facials, Aromatherapy Baths & Infrared Sauna.

• Attunement Therapy- Co – Regulation Groups & Individual Sessions 

• Nature Walks, Waterfalls & Holy Water Temples 

• Meditations in the Garden 

• Evening Fire Ceremonies under the stars

• Food as Medicine – Fresh Organic Garden to Table Nutrition to Nourish the Nervous System

• Empowering Nervous System Education- to support your Self Knowledge & Self Care

• Gut Health Education & Support – Restoring a Healthy Gut-Brain Connection 

Investment Restorative Yoga & Nervous System Regulation Retreat:

• Deluxe Ensuite $1995.00 USD

• Taj Twin $1785.00 USD

• Lumbung Single $1825.00 USD

• Lumbung Twin $1785.00 USD

• Little Sweet $1900.00 USD

7-Day Silent Meditation and Yin Yoga Retreat with Hamid Ebadi

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August, 20th – 26th 2023

December, 10th – 16th 2023 


Traveler, path and destination all merge into silence from where they reappear as singular expressions of the wholeness of life…

A week of slowing down, dwelling in and creating deep connections with self, others and the world through the practice of zazen and yin yoga.

Info & Registration:
WA: +351 911 066 286