Journey Into Stillness

Silence Meditation Retreat

July 22nd – 24th, 2024

Taj Room (Private Room with Ensuite bathroom) – IDR 7.600.000 Early bird IDR 7.000.000
The Dorm (shared Bathroom) – IDR 6.500.000 Early Bird 5.900.000
Gladak (Private Room with Ensuite bathroom) – IDR 7.300.000 Early Bird 6.700.000
Little Sweet (Private room with Shared bathroom) – IDR 6.900.000 | Early Bird IDR 6.300.000

*) Early bird till July 10th

Recharge and Refresh. Reconnect with yourself in the healing surrounds of the Yogis Garden.

Why join our silent meditation retreat?

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with our silent meditation retreat, paving the way for a mindful, connected, and energized life. Experience a tranquil haven where there’s no rush, allowing you to fully relax and rejuvenate.

Escape the distractions that tether us to superficial thoughts and experiences. Embrace the profound tranquility of silence as a pathway to deeper understanding. That’s the invaluable offering of our silent meditation retreat.

Shine a light on your inner self

Our meditation practice offers profound insights into stress management and emotional equilibrium that endure long after your retreat experience.


In the embrace of true stillness, external pressures fade away, allowing you to delve into the essence of joy and purpose. This retreat provides a gateway to inner peace and a toolkit of meditation and mindfulness practices.

Guided by our experienced instructors, you’ll embark on a journey of self-discovery through various meditation techniques, including walking meditation and mindfulness exercises, all within the tranquil backdrop of yoga and nature.

Program Overview

Everything on the program is optional. You’re welcome to do as much or as little as you like. All activities and meals take place at the yogis garden.

Day 1:

14:00 – Registration and check-in

16:00 – Welcoming Circle and short arrival meditation

18:45 – Dinner

19:45 – Meditation and Deep Relaxation Practice

21:00 – Total Silence and Sleep Time

Day 2:

7:30  Mindful Movements and Guided Seated Meditation

9:00 – Breakfast

10:00 – Sensory and Nature Meditation

13:00 – Lunch

15:00 – Facilitator’s Choice: Depending on your facilitator’s specialty, this may be a guided meditation, yoga nidra, sound meditation ~ what ever they choose, we know it will be heartfelt.

17:15 – Yin Yoga

18:45 – Dinner

19:45 – Deep Listening Guided Meditation

21:00 – Free time in Total Silence


Day 3:

7:30 – Mindful Movement and Guided Seated Meditation

9:00 – Breakfast

9:45 – Sharing from the heart – Complete your journey with a Closing Circle!

12:00 – Checkout

How a couple of days of meditation and silence can change you

Explore the depths of your mind, unlocking insights into your thoughts, emotions, memories, and ideas. Experience a multitude of benefits across various aspects of your well-being:


Physical Health: Calm your nervous system, boost immunity, improve sleep, and lower blood pressure.


Mental Health: Cultivate a softer attitude, rediscover appreciation, attain mental clarity, nurture contentment, and unlock creativity.


Emotional Health: Dissolve fears, alleviate stress, foster compassion, and cultivate stronger relationships.


Spiritual Health: Encounter a sense of oneness, gain a higher perspective, make enlightened life choices, experience freedom, and readily access inner wisdom.


How the silent meditation retreat works? 

Immerse yourself in workshops, relish in wholesome vegetarian meals, and enjoy, different accommodation options in our Yogis Garden Santuary.


During this retreat, silence is encouraged to facilitate deep introspection. While communication with facilitators or chefs is permitted when necessary, we urge participants to embrace moments of silence and reflection. It’s important to note that new challenges may arise during this journey, so remember to be compassionate towards yourself at all times.


Additionally, massages & therapies are available—please inquire upon arrival for availability.


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