Ashtanga Weekend
w/  Ananda Dhanpapani

Date options:
Oct 11th – 13th, 2024
Oct 25th – 27th, 2024

Taj Room (Private Room with Ensuite bathroom) – IDR 7.880.000 Early bird IDR 6.850.000
The Dorm (shared Bathroom) – IDR 6.780.000 Early Bird 5.750.000
Gladak (Private Room with Ensuite bathroom) – IDR 7.580.000 Early Bird 6.550.000
Little Sweet (Private room with Shared bathroom) – IDR 7.180.000 | Early Bird IDR 6.150.000

*) Early bird till Oct 8th

We welcome all enthusiastic yogi/ni/s to our Mysore Ashtanga Weekends – whether you have been practicing for a long time or you are just starting your Ashtanga Yoga journey!

A healthy lifestyle with nourishing vegetarian & vegan food supports your practice, and you’ll have plenty of free time to relax and explore the beauty of the yogi’s garden!

In our Mysore Ashtanga Weekend, we follow the traditional Mysore-style approach where each individual is guided through their own yoga practice. The collective energy and resilience of the group propel you forward throughout the series.

Day 1: Tuesday
2:00pm Registration and check-in
4:30 – 6:00pm: The Breath: Unlock the Keys to Healing, Growth, and Injury
Have you experienced an injury while inhaling or exhaling? The Ashtanga
method promotes smooth, consistent nasal breathing even in initially
uncomfortable positions. Join Anand as we explore the breath, alternating
between theoretical discussions, seated breathing exercises, and practical
applications of breathing techniques to commonly challenging postures
found in the Primary Series.
6:30-7:30pm: Dinner

Day 2: Wednesday
6:30 – 7:00am Dhyana Yoga Meditation
7:00am Tea Time & fruits
7:30 – 10:30 am Primary Series + Pranayama
11:00 – 12:00pm: Brunch
12:00am – 3:00pm: Free time
3:00pm: Tea Time & Fruits
4:00 – 5:30pm: Bandhas in Backbends: Unlocking Mobility with Strength
What if the contrast isn’t solely between flexibility and strength? How can
we train our nervous systems to unlock our inherent flexibility? Let’s delve
into backbending, with a practice emphasis on the early backbends of the
intermediate level. Throughout this session, we’ll delve into the
importance of strength in movements traditionally associated with

6:30-7:30pm: Dinner
7:30pm-9:30pm: Mysore Yoga Traditions Film

Day 3: Thursdays
6:30 – 7:00am Dhyana Yoga. Meditation
7:00am Tea Time & fruits
7:30 – 10:30 am Primary Series + Pranayama
11:00 – 12:00pm: Brunch
12:00pm: Room Check Out & enjoy the garden. 

Anandan Dhandapani

About the teacher



Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, Yoga Philosophy, Mantra Chanting, Ashtanga Vinyasa Mysore Style, Freediving, Surfer & SUP

Anand’s journey with yoga began in childhood, shaping his path toward becoming a certified Yoga Acharya Master from Sivananda Ashram in 2017. His deep connection with conscious breathing, discovered at age 20, enhanced not only his spiritual journey but also his athletic pursuits. Anand’s mastery of breathwork propelled him to victory in numerous OCR events and earned him recognition as a national SUP champion in India. His lifelong affinity for the ocean and free diving inspired him to blend yoga with pranayama techniques. Through retreats, workshops, and teacher training programs, Anand shares his transformative approach, empowering others to unlock their potential and find harmony within themselves and the world.

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